Teach! Assess! Teach! Assess!

How many times have we heard that as a teacher?! It sounds and feels like a weird dance move…Teach, Assess, Teach, Assess, Teach, Assess. At times I find it difficult to find the time to assess student learning on a daily basis and I am sure you do too. I decided that enough was enough […]

Making Assessments Fun for First Graders!

In the hallways and in the teacher’s lounge I hear “these poor children are always being tested!” These days testing is really intense especially when there is so much accountability and pressure! Rather than handing out long assessments each and every week or month I have found it to be more helpful to incorporate quick […]

The Parent-Teacher Connection

Today was a great day! As of today, 100% of my students know their letter names, letter sounds and the numbers 0-20. What an amazing accomplishment! Immediately, I was very proud of my teaching abilities. I reflected on the countless hours I spent preparing plans that helped my 20 children succeed. Then all of a […]

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