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Hello and welcome to MrsSnowden.com. This is my site where parents, teachers and students can gather valuable information and resources to support academic success. As a teacher, I’ve worked with students from many walks of life, at various stages of development, and implemented common core standards.

My resources are focused on:

  • Common Core Standards for Math
  • Common Core Standards for Reading
  • Common Core Standards for Writing
  • Common Core Standards for English Language Learners (ELL): These include Grammar, Listening & Speaking and Language for students who don’t speak English as their primary language at home
  • Classroom Management / Behavior Management
  • Student Recognition: Birthdays, Achievements, Show & Tell, Getting Acquainted, New Student Orientation
  • Life Skills: Telling Time, Counting Money, Following Rules

I have experience with refugees, low income students, non-English speaking students and many other unique challenges that teachers face. By creating behavior plans to improve classroom management, fun activities that reinforce key learning objectives and differentiated techniques that meet students where they are developmentally. Every student can succeed given the right tools, proper academic support at school and at home, and a heart motivated by a teacher instilling a belief in that child’s ability.

I hope you enjoy my site.

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