Teach! Assess! Teach! Assess!

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How many times have we heard that as a teacher?! It sounds and feels like a weird dance move…Teach, Assess, Teach, Assess, Teach, Assess.

At times I find it difficult to find the time to assess student learning on a daily basis and I am sure you do too. I decided that enough was enough and it was time to change the way I assess specific skills in the classroom. I started to implement quick Ticket Out Assessments last year and realized that it was by far the most effective way to check for understanding. It really shed light on what skills each student was struggling with. Now don’t get me wrong, this shouldn’t replace unit assessments but it should work along side them. These Ticket Out assessments are great for daily assessments because they take less that 5 minutes!

Alright, enough chatter. You probably want to know what this looks like. So, here is an example below (click on image to enlarge)!

Common Core First Grade Math Ticket Out Assessment Skip Counting

Directions for Ticket Outs:
1. Print Ticket Out
2. Make Copies
3. Cut Along Lines
4. Teach Lesson
5. Give Ticket Out to Check for Understanding
6. Collect Ticket Outs
7. Look to See Who Understands and Who Does Not

*Budget cuts mean a limited number of copies per teacher so the first thing I did was to make sure these Ticket Out Assessments didn’t waste paper or copy numbers. Since there are 6 to a page, I usually print one page and then make 5 copies so I have enough for my entire class!

This is something you can easily make on your own. I do ask that you follow the honor system and do not duplicate my idea/template to resell on your own. Also, if you want to save yourself some time you can check out my store to find already made Common Core Ticket Out Assessments!

Talk with you soon!

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